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Pain-Free, Deeply Relaxing, Natural, Educational, Enjoyable, Fast, Profound, Long Lasting, Unique & Focused

Nic Wood

Mind Body Coaching

A healthy mind and body are essential to achieving everything you want out of life

Do you suffer from lack of confidence?
Self belief? Anxiety?
Frustration? Anger?
Chronic pain? Substance abuse?
Do you overthink things?
Feel stuck? Suffer from insomnia?
Are you anxious or stressed?
Feeling overwhelmed? Suffering from burn out? 
Are you getting the results you want both personally and professionally?
Or are you unhappy but can’t put your finger on why?

I have enabled people to overcome their toughest of challenges and I could help you too

Client testimonials

I went to see Nic to help combat a fear of heights which I was starting to experience, mostly when skiing.  We had two sessions in which Nic explained what would happen and talked me through my experiences.  I was able to test it out a few weeks ago and was ecstatic that it had helped enormously and I was able to ski areas which I had previously been unable to access.  Nic has also treated both my knee and shoulder which are now pain-free.  I recommend her very highly in both areas of treatment and am glad to have found her!

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These techniques will propel you towards positive change

Mind Coaching

As a Mind Coach using the HMP (Hudson Mind Process) I educate and guide people in ‘How Your Mind Works’. Drawing on your body language to reveal your below conscious communication back to you. This interruption of neurology and old subconscious patterns provokes change naturally in an upbeat, interesting and light way.

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I offer Hypnotherapy sessions for individuals and groups. For individuals we chat about the outcome you would like and get clear on your personal motivations. This information allows us to work together assisting you to realign to the version of you that behaves, responds & feels in accordance with a harmonious life.

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Pain Relief

This is hands on work. I combine different techniques such as Emmett Technique, Bowen Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy. Gentle, specific rebalancing therapies for any pain and discomfort, physical, mental & emotional.   Helping to release reoccuring pain, unexplained problems safely and effectively.

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95% of Clients notice a difference within 3 sessions or less

By getting you in touch with and witnessing your below conscious Self, which predicates your current behaviours, the results are fast and profound. You can quickly gain new insights into old problems meaning rapid change. This work can also be light and easy. Can you begin to imagine that, addressing difficult issues comfortably and easyily!? Can it really be possible? Yes, your Mind and & Body are increadible, which means you are. Faster and more acurate than any smart device, you have the solutions within, you are the solution.

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These are just some of the issues people seek my help with

What if I told you, you don’t have to continue to feel this way? What if I told you, you can free yourself from these constraints? Yes, you really can change.

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